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    Increasing your commission has never been easier for PA, NY, NJ, GA Real Estate Agents.
    With our 3 different SKYYGR real estate plans, SKYYGR has something for every real estate agent, including new agents. Simply pick your flat monthly fee plan and start taking home commission on every transaction. No hidden fees, no large transaction fees… Just pure commission.

    3 Monthly Plans or Yearly Fees To Choose From!


    INTERNET MARKETING: Tuesday & Thursday
    Attend one of our real estate agent training classes for free!
    We know that one of the places we can add the most value to you as a real estate brokerage is to provide top-notch training. At SKYYGR, not only do we have beautiful office suites and full service support, we also offer free ongoing training included at no additional monthly fees.

    Attend One Of Our Training Classes For Free!


    Real Estate Agent Support That Really Works... It's What We Do!


    Over 900 Real Estate Agents Strong

    SKYYGR… Say Goodbye to Traditional Commission Splits!
    At SKYYGR, we believe that the best way to grow a real estate company is by offering the best solutions and services in the real estate market. Our entire business model has been built with a “Real Estate Agents-First” Mentality. Our mission is to provide so much value and support in all places of your real estate company, that the SKYYGR becomes the icing on the cake.
    When you talk with our team, you’ll quickly realize that our business is built on providing the best training, best support and best service imaginable. Call us today to learn more about how we can support you and your real estate business.

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    Multiple Locations To Serve You

    Office Space

    All of our locations are easy to access with plenty of room to work. You can either come in and pick from any of the open station spaces or rent your own private real estate office. Interested in renting a private office or station? Call us today! 201-496-6458

    Conference Rooms

    Reserve a conference whenever you need at no additional monthly fee. All of our offices have open conference rooms that are available for our Real Estate Agents to use on a first come first serve basis. Our conference rooms are all set up with large flat panel TV’s, wireless mouse and keyboards with easy access.

    Free WIFI & Printing

    All of our office are equipped with easy access WIFI and Printing for free. So when you’re on the go, you can stop at any of our locations to quickly and easily conduct your real estate business. You will also have access to full color printing, to print MLS listing and to help you with all your marketing needs. We give you your first 100 copies for free and then bill you for anything you go over. Simple.

    Qualified Receptionist

    Different locations, same experience. Every time you visit one of our offices you will be greeted by a happy member of our team. Need any help? Let them know and they will be happy to assist you. Your experience is our #1 priority at every office and our team is always standing ready to support. We’re in this together.


    Fastest Growing Brokerage


    Fastest Growing Real Estate Company


    Fastest Growing Privately Held Company

    The Perfect SKYYGR Business

    No Desk Fees

    With our SKYYGR real estate plans we offer open work stations and spacious conference rooms at no additional desk fees.

    No Hidden Fees

    When you join SKYYGR, you can rest assured that you will never be hit with surprise hidden fees. Pick one of our simple commission models and never worry about hidden fees again.

    No commission Splits

    Forget about commission structures and never pay a commission split again. With our SKYYGR model, you earn more money with no hidden fees! We believe you work hard for you commission and you should keep it.

    It's Your Real Estate Business

    We give you flexability to design your real estate business to suit your needs. With brand freedom, team development support, and top real estate industry training, we give you everythink you need to succeed.

    Simple Transaction Fee

    We believe in simple and transparent transaction fees. We provide you with 3 different commission model plans to choose from, which give you fair transaction fees you can count on.

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